Octopetz App


What ​started out as something to trip out to...

​I created OctoPetz in Unity3D, using a hybrid art approach, combing Stable Diffusion SDXL + classic hand editing techniques. 
Backgrounds were converted to stereo 3D using Ai & hand edited depth tool, with hand placed collisions for gameplay. 
Existing 2D video was converted to SBS 3D, then used as a background for the aquariums.

​I created the music in a software DAW, sequenced by hand in Cakewalk.
​The entire piece was created in Unity 2021, using Playmaker for fast prototyping using nodes. It was created for the love of the "stereoscopic 3D , realtime and Ai" arts.  I'm not affiliated, but thanks to Leia Inc. for sdk support and an amazing 3D tablet! 

Visions of Chaos: Main front end for all Ai tools
WebUI (AUTOMATIC1111): Depth Tools for dpeht maps, stereo conversions
Fooocus-MRE: SDXL base BG imagery
Photoshop: Editing of depth maps, BG images, Logos, firefly text
Unity 2021.3: Lumepad2 SDK, Playmaker, TailAnimator2 (soft-body)

Dive into the mesmerizing depths of OctoPetz, an immersive aquarium experience designed for the Lumepad2 3D tablet. Play in an underwater world, where graceful jellyfish and elusive octopus come to life in breathtaking stereo 3D.

Intuitive Touchscreen Controls:
Seamlessly navigate through the aquatic wonderland by using the tablet's touch screen controls. With a simple swipe, players can interact with and move a jellyfish around the aquarium, creating a dynamic and personalized display of marine life.

Spectacular Stereo 3D Visuals:
OctoPetz harnesses the power of the Lumepad2's 3D display, rendering the underwater world with depth and clarity. The vibrant colors and lifelike movements of the jellyfish and octopuses create are captivating. Made for the Love of 3D, I hope you enjoy it!

Relaxing Ambient Soundtrack:
Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance of OctoPetz with a tranquil custom soundtrack.

Free for the Lumepad2 3D Android tablet, available on the Leia Appstore!
LumePad2 3D tablet: https://www.leiainc.com/lume-pad-2